Selling & buying online is now as easy as clicking the button

Introducing the world's first one-click buy button that works anywhere on the internet.

Any Facebook user can buy with one click from anywhere

Buy from any merchant on on any site, any app, email, tweet or even SMS.

Goodbye usernames and passwords

The days of remembering, recalling and typing and passwords gone, forever, your Facebook identity is now your passport to the next era of shopping.

Goodbye fraud

Never worry about about passwords and fraud, every transaction can only be authorized by you and your mobile phone.


The freedom to sell, the freedom to buy, from anywhere. The entire Internet is now your store. Start shopping!

One click to Buy from anywhere

Mobile & Desktop Ads

No more worrying about clicks and conversions, every online advertising can now be your storefront. Offer personalized and retargeted, checkout ready carts as ads. The consumer can check out with a single click, without usernames or passwords. The fastest and most secure way to pay is now available on all ad servers.


Mobile checkout is clunky no more. In app purchasing and mobile checkout is now simplified to a single click. Kachyng offers a robust set of API's and SDK to support iOS and Android.

Social Media

Turn your social media campaigns into a sales channel and your followers into customers. Single click checkout is now available on every social platform, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc.


If you are not selling on YouTube, you soon will be. Product reviews and demos are perfect for converting interest into a sale. With Kachyng, views become sales.


Turn email into an ecommerce channel. From wherever the email is viewed, mobile, desktop or tablet, the user can check out with a single click. Convert abandoned carts, promotions, retargting campaigns into sales.


Turn fans into salespeople. The internet is filled with reviews and opinions about your fabulous products. Now readers can buy directly from these reviews.

Kachyng makes selling painless

Kachyng API

Kachyng offers a PCI Level 1 compliant set of API's that can be easily integrated for web or mobile based checkout.

Payment Processing

Kachyng allows you to use your existing payment processor, so there is no need to rewire your current payment methods.

Mobile SDK

Our mobile SDK is available to select partners. For more info contact Kachyng SDK.

White Label

White lable options are available to partners based on geography and vertical. For more info contact Kachyng Business Development.

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